Perspectivo creates meaningful networks surrounding your goals, providing instant access to potential collaborators and the experience from people who have been there.

As a product leader and the head of UX, I took a very broad concept and turned it into an engaging working product, defined product and feature definitions, defined UX and UI principles, visually designed the UI, performed extensive user research and testing, created user personas and user stories, and more.

  • Role Head of UX/Product design
  • For Perspectivo
  • Date 2014-2016
  • Type Consumer/Social

The goals page offers a list of goals that may interest the user. For each goal the user can state whether they want to do it, are doing it or have done it

Once entered, the goal page shows different perspectives on how to reach it

The profile page provides an insight with regards to other members of the community through shared goals

Landing page invited users to sign up

Wire framing and working prototypes allowed us to test our concepts with real users